T. Soomere, B. Viikmäe, I. Zaitseva-Pärnaste, K. Kartau, R. Värv ad O. Tribštok from the Tallinn team presented three oral and two poster presentations : “The role of vessel wakes in coastal processes of semi-enclosed basins” (T. soomere, K.E. Parnell, I. Didenkulova), “Potential of using Lagrangian trajectories for environmental management in the Gulf of Finland” (B. Viikmäe, T. Soomere, N. Delpeche), “Long-term variations of wave heights and its comparison with ice conditions in Estonian coastal waters” (I. Zaitseva-Pärnaste, T. Soomere), “The evolution of semi-sheltered bayhead beaches : a study for Valgerand in Pärnu Bay” (poster by K. Kartau, T. Soomere),  “High resolution bathymetry for the Gulf of Finland” (poster by R. Värv) and “Changes in wave heights at Estonian and Lithuanian coasts based on historical wave observations ” (poster by O. Tribštok, I. Zaitseva-Pärnaste, T. Soomere).