Name Date Degree Topic
Inga Zaitseva-Pärnaste 10 Jun 2009 MSc Long-term variations of wave fields in the Estonian coastal waters
Katri Kartau 12 Jun 2009 Diploma Beach processes and human activity in Valgerand
Rolf Värv 12 Jun 2009 Diploma Digital bathymetry for the nearshore of the North Estonian coast
Olga Tribštok 12 Jun 2009 Diploma Hydrographical works, by the example of Raahe port
Andres Kask 21 Aug 2009 PhD Lithohydrodynamic processes in the Tallinn Bay area
Loreta Kelpšaite 02 Oct 2009 PhD Changing Properties of Wind waves and Vessel Wakes on the Eastern Coast of the Baltic Sea
Dmitry Kurennoy 08 Oct 2009 PhD Analysis of the Properties of Fast Ferry Wakes in the Context of Coastal Management
Mihhail Berezovski 21 Jun 2010 PhD Numerical Simulation of Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous and Microstructured Materials
Andrus Räämet 22 Jun 2010 PhD Spatio-temporal variability of the Baltic Sea wave fields
Olga Tribštok 09 Jun 2011 MSc Comparison of wave regimes along Estonian and Lithuanian coasts
Katri Kartau 09 Jun 2011 MSc Development of the northern coast of Pärnu Bay
Katri Pindsoo 07 Jun 2011 Diploma Estimates of sediment transport along the East coast of the Gulf of Riga
Mikk Viidebaum 10 Jun 2011 MSc Experimental investigation of the relationship between pulse wave velocity and blood pressure on human arm based on Moens-Korteweg equation
Rain Männikus 30 May 2012 MSc Improving breakwater configuration in Noblessner Port against wind waves and vessel wakes
Shahabedin Chatraee 08 Jun 2012 MSc Environmental aspects of wave impact on a sea wall
Oxana Kurkina 24 Sep 2012 PhD Nonlinear dynamics of internal gravity waves in shallow seas
Mihhail Zujev 05 Jun 2013 MSc Wave climate at the eastern Baltic Sea coast
Katri Pindsoo 05 Jun 2013 MSc cum laude Wave set-up at the coasts of Tallinn Bay
Maris Eelsalu 05 Jun 2013 MSc cum laude Wave energy potential in the Estonian coastal sea
Inga Zaitseva-Pärnaste 08 Nov 2013 PhD Wave climate and its decadal changes in the Baltic Sea derived from visual observations
Bert Viikmäe 03 Mar 2014 PhD Optimising fairways in the Gulf of Finland using patterns of surface currents
Maija Viška 22 Sep 2014 PhD Sediment Transport Patterns Along the Eastern Coasts of the Baltic Sea
Nicole Delpeche-Ellmann 08 Dec 2014 PhD Circulation Patterns in the Gulf of Finland Applied to Environmental Management of Marine Protected Areas
Andrea Giudici 27 Jan 2015 PhD Quantification of Spontaneous Current-Induced Patch Formation in the Marine Surface Layer
Artem Rodin 04 May 2015 PhD Propagation and Run-up of Nonlinear Solitary Surface Waves in Shallow Seas and Coastal Areas
Katri Pindsoo 06 Oct 2017 PhD Spatio-temporal Changes in the Components of Extreme Water Levels on Estonian Coasts
Margus Rätsep 07 Jun 2018 MSc Identifying ship wakes from spectrograms
Maris Eelsalu 05 Oct 2020 PhD Quantification of the Reaction of Estonian Beaches to Changing Wave Loads
Rain Männikus 05 Mar 2021 PhD Water Level Dynamics in the Eastern Baltic Sea, 1961−2018
Fatemeh Najafzadeh 02 Dec 2022 PhD Remote Sensing and Modelling of Wind Waves in Semi-Enclosed Seas