5th International Student Conference on “Biodiversity and Functioning of Aquatic Ecosystems in the Baltic Sea Region”

B. Viikmäe, M. Viidebaum, K. Kartau, I. Zaitseva-Pärnaste and M. Viška from the Tallinn team participated in the conference and presented two oral and three poster presentations : “Using Lagrangian Trajectories to Find Areas of Reduced Risk of Coastal Pollution in the Gulf of Finland” (B. Viikmäe, T. Soomere, N. Delpeche), “Sensitivity Study of the Lagrangian Trajectory Model TRACMASS” (M. Viidebaum, B. Viikmäe, N. Delpeche), “The Evolution of Semi-sheltered Bayhead Beaches : a Study for Valgerand in Pärnu Bay” (poster by K. Kartau, T. Soomere), “Wave Climate in the Eastern Part of the Baltic Sea” (poster by I. Zaitseva-Pärnaste, T. Soomere) and “Coastal Erosion Analysis Using LIDAR Data and Field Measurements in Zvejniekciems Beach, East Coast of the Gulf of Riga” (poster by M. Viška).