The project addresses the problem of preventing and mitigation of natural coastal hazards associated with long wave dynamics (storm surges, tsunamis, sneaker waves, wakes from high-speed ferries) by using fast ferries wakes as a dynamically similar input allowing modelling and measurements of the shoaling and runup properties of extreme oceanic waves of big scales in well-controlled, safe conditions. Another target is the evaluation of the damage potential of fast ferry wakes upon vulnerable coasts, incl. the sediment transport properties due to a short group of long waves in otherwise calm conditions. Tallinn Bay, a semi-enclosed body of water that hosts extremely intense fast ferry traffic and provides calm conditions during a part of the high season, is a suitable natural laboratory for such studies. The key parameter to be studied is the dependence of the runup height on the details of wave profile. The main goal is to develop and validate both detailed and express calculation methods for runup characteristics of long, potentially hazardous waves based on a few decisive parameters of the incident waves. Responsible Scientist: Dr. Ira Didenkulova