The aim of the project is to establish a 3D visualization system for
scientific data at CENS, Institute of Cybernetics. Scientific simulations, like
computational fluid dynamics or simulations using discrete element method,
produce very large data sets, these are usually 3D. For the interpretation of
this data a real 3D display is much better than a projection on a standard 2D
computer screen. Also some features of the 3D data can only be seen, if the
data is visualized in 3D and not when viewed on a standard 2D computer screen.
The graphics-workstation will also be used for computation, as it contains
newest generation multi-core processors and powerful graphics-cards, that can
be used as massively parallel processors.


The project is running from May 2010 to  November 2010.

Team members:

  • Dr Heiko Hermann (Scientist in charge)
  • Dr Ewald Quak
  • Andrea Giudici