A Research Training Network funded by the European Commission 2005-2009

Applied stochastic models for ocean engineering, climate and safe transportation

The SEAMOCS initiative joins meteorology, mathematical statistics and nonlinear mechanics with ocean and coastal engineering. The project is aimed at the exchange of ideas, training, and research, between groups of researchers in a multidisciplinary field where there is a recognised need for co-operative work and training.

Due to the great importance of marine climate and its potential changes, and the serious impacts of extreme weather events at sea it is extremely important to acquire a comprehensive and reliable basis for their adequate description and forecast.

Current research has shown the importance of interaction between a large number of different components for reliable and safe marine design and operation. The largest problem here is to extract important information from the vast amount of data and to develop and validate new models to describe the phenomena occurring on the water surface. The broad character of problems requires co-operation from different research disciplines, meteorology, oceanography, statistics, mathematics, nonlinear mechanics, naval architecture, etc.

The consortium consists of three university research groups in ocean and coastal engineering, three university research departments in applied probability and statistics, and three public and private organisations engaged in activities to increase safety of marine operations

Events organised by SEAMOCS