September 2019

17-19 September 2019, CONFERENCE

N. Kudryavtseva attended the EVAN-2019 (Advances in Extreme Value Analysis and
application to Natural Hazard) in Paris, France with an oral presentation:
Kudryavtseva N., Soomere T. Non-Stationary Modelling of Extreme Water Levels
along the Baltic Sea Coast Reveals a Strong Relation to NAO

13 September 2019, PUBLIC PRESENTATION

Prof. Kevin Parnell presented “Can climate change be beneficial?” Invited
presentation to Konverents – “Kliimaneutraalsus – häving või edu?” organised by the
State Chancellery and the Academy of Sciences attended by the Prime Minister and
other politicians and officials.
eestile-havingu-voi-edu (Start ~ 1:32:00).

August 2019

28-30 August 2019, NETWORK MEETING

A.Giudici gave a lecture-seminar on Python Programming for Scientific and
Numerical Programming, as part of the CUPAGIS project, in Berlin

19-23 August 2019, CONFERENCE

N. Delpeche-Ellmann, N. Kudryavtseva, F. Najafzadeh, K. Parnell, M. Rätsep, T.
Soomere participated in the Baltic Sea Science Congress in Stockholm, Sweden

with four oral presentations:

  • Kudryavtseva N, Soomere T. Non-stationary modeling reveals strong connection
    between extreme water level changes and NAO along the Baltic Sea coast
  • Delpeche-Ellmann N., Soomere T., Kudryavtseva N. Hidden secrets of transverse
    coastal upwelling jets revealed using a synergy of data in the Gulf of Finland, Baltic
  • Najafzadeh F., Kudryavtseva N., Soomere T. Baltic Sea wave climate variability
    and its connection with  climatic indices deduced from Empirical Orthogonal
  • Kruusmaa M., Parnell K.E., Ristolainen A., Rätsep M., Soomere T. Ship wake
    analysis using an array of nearbed sensors

and one poster presentation:

  • Parnell K.E., Soomere T. Coastal processes and changing process drivers in the
    Baltic Sea: What communities and local policy makers need to know

May 2019

13-17 May 2019, CONFERENCE

N. Delpeche-Ellmann, A. Giudici, N. Kudryavtseva, F. Najafzadeh participated in the
ESA Living Planet Symposium in Milan, Italy

with two oral presentations:

  • Kudryavtseva N., Soomere T.. Multi-mission satellite altimetry shows changes in
    extreme wave heights over the Baltic Sea and their connection to the NAO and AO
    climatic indices
  • Giudici A., Soomere T. A software platform to collect and store GPS drifter data

and with two poster presentations:

  • Delpeche-Ellmann N., Viikmäe B., Pindsoo K., Soomere T. An Assessment and
    Quantification of Sea Surface Currents Using Satellite Altimetry, In-situ and
    Hydrodynamic Model Data for the Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea
  • Najafzadeh F., Kudryavtseva N., Soomere T. Effects of the sampling bias on retrieved modes of wave climate variations from satellite altimetry: Baltic Sea case study

April 2019


A.Giudici, developer and maintainer of the software DrifterTrack, to collect, store
and export marine drifter data.

January 2019

28-29 January 2019, NETWORK MEETING

N. Kudryavtseva participated in the Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education
Grantholders Meeting in Brussels, Belgium