B. Viikmäe and A. Räämet from the Tallinn team presented two oral and one poster presentations : “A reliability study of wave climate modelling in the Baltic Sea” (A. Räämet, T. Soomere), “Utilizing lagrangian trajectories for reducing environmental risks” (B. Viikmäe, T. Soomere, N. Delpeche, H.E.M. Meier and K. Döös) and “Towards a quantification of areas of high and low risk of pollution in the Gulf of Finland, with the application to ecologically sensitive areas” (poster by N. Delpeche, T. Soomere and B. Viikmäe). Furthermore B. Viikmäe  was co-author to another oral presentation at the conference “Using multi-year circulation simulations to identify areas of reduced risk for marine transport. Application to the Gulf of Finland” (O. Andrejev, A. Sokolov, T. Soomere, K. Myrberg and B. Viikmäe).