In coastal segments that are open to high waves, the water level may be considerably higher owing to so-called wave-induced set-up. Initial assessments of possible water levels caused by wave set-up in Tallinn area are presented. Thereby is essential to find single storms that likely caused additional increase in water level. Although coastline of Tallinn is partly urbanised or protected by sea walls, several sections of the coast are gently sloping and open to high waves. Coastal sections in which considerable wave-induced set-up may occur are mostly concentrated near the bayheads of three major bays in the city area (Tallinn Bay, Kopli Bay and Kakumäe Bay. As their orientation is different, high set-up events in these bays normally do not occur simultaneously. Another coastal segment that is vulnerable with respect to this phenomenon is located at the eastern coast of Tallinn Bay. The highest set-up does not necessarily occur in the strongest storms. The particular locations of wave-induced set-up are very sensitive to the approach direction of large waves.