EEA grant „Climate change impact on biodiversity of Baltic Sea coastal reefs” (KLIPS) No. 2/EEZLV02/14/GS/022

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The increase of temperature, changes in Baltic Sea salinity and ice regime observed during last 100 years cause significant alteration of wave, near coast current and suspended material transport regime. This in turn, has a negative impact on biodiversity of coastal underwater habitat biodiversity. Therefore, the aim of this study is to link and as far as possible quantify pressures caused by climate change with biodiversity of coastal habitats.

The study will include modeling of wave spatial and temporal characteristics. This will serve as a basis to characterize alongshore currents and transport of suspended particles. The abovementioned information will be used to elaborate spatial pressure gradient and to construct pressure/state diagrams for pressures generated by climatic factors and factors characterizing biodiversity of benthic habitats. Thereafter, indicator fact sheets will be elaborated. The primary target groups for project results are Ministry of Environment and regional development, Ministry of agriculture and other governmental structures. Secondary target group consists of local municipalities, Kurzeme planning region, fishermen and people living close to shoreline.

The project will result in 2 models adapted for research purposes, 6 data bases, 6 GIS layers, 2-3 indicator fact sheets, 2 seminars and information in mass media. The results will be presented in 1 international and 1 local conference, and 1 SCI and 1 local scientific paper will be elaborated. The project will be implemented in collaboration with Wave laboratory of Institute of cybernetics, Tallinn university of Technology.

Grant duration: 09.03.2015 – 30.04.2016
Total co-finansing from EEA: : 740977,00 EUR

Leading partner: Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology
Project partner: Laboratory of Wave Engineering, Institutte of Cybernetics, Tallin University of Technology

For more infomration about the project see: EEA KLIPS