PhD position in ocean science and numerical modeling


PhD positions are available in connection with the MTT63 project “Numerical particle
tracking modeling for inhomogeneous turbulent water basins”. The aim of the project
is to improve the models currently in use for Lagrangian particle tracking and
apply Lagrangian-based techniques to analyze transport properties for various flow
scenarios. Individual-based models are being used in biophysical modeling, for
tracking of fish eggs and larvae, and in the analysis of transport and dispersion of
oil spill, but these techniques can be used in virtually any flow applications,
including atmospheric and industrial scale flow problems. The work will be conducted
within the Laboratory of Wave Engineering at the Institute of Cybernetics, Tallinn
University of Technology.

We are seeking motivated and qualified students who wish to make a PhD within the
field of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Students with a strong background in
computational physics and oceanography will be given priority, but student with
relevant background in theoretical or applied sciences (physics, mathematics,
informatics, environmental engineering) are encouraged to apply. Successful
candidates are expected to contribute to both model development and to model
applications connected to ongoing research at the Laboratory of Wave Engineering.
The positions are funded by the MTT63 grant,

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